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Seven days, under-paid, gotta give it up, got no time for this life that I'm livin' up

Ever start to update and forget why you are?

Or update for the sake of updating?

Yeah. I'm bored.

Later, I might be playing poker with the people who played at the party Saturday. Steph wanted a rematch. I think it will be fun. I actually offered to have it at my house. Apparently I'm on crack.

I need to go drop off those applications, but Nikki's away message has been "shower" for almost an hour. Maybe I'll steal Candace and make her come with me. And as a side note, while I'm at American Eagle, dropping off the application, I might buy the blue frosted headband that I've been wanting for ages. Hee hee. If I get a job there, I will be in so much trouble. All of my money will be spend on cute shirts and hair things and belts. I hope they have employee discounts. I hope they hire me.

This entry proves that if a girl types into infinity, eventually a post of some substance is produced. Perhaps not quite "Hamlet", but close enough. :)

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