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I love Saturdays

On Saturdays, I can sleep late. (Granted, I was up earlier than most week days, but whatever.) It's less stressful. I had fun at Lauren's Party last night. I threw some watermelon at her, she lodged a piece back at me. I had a huge stain on my back for the rest of the night, it was fun.

Anywho...this morning I finished up my scrapbook cover page (after spending about 45 minutes looking for a stupid "k" to end "book"). It's okay though, because I really like the way it turned out. Soon, I'm going to steal my mom's car and visit my sister's apartment. She said I could and I figured while I was there, I could "borrow" some of her NSYNC DVDs. Perhaps I'll "borrow" her new Blink-182 CDs too. I want to burn myself copies. Later this evening, I believe I will be having plans, but for now I'm just chillin' so I'd really like to be chillin' and watching Live at Madison Square Garden, or Making the Tour. I'll have to see which I can steal, I mean "borrow". For now...bye!

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