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*insert some lyric from Foo's "Everlong" here me the work*

Watched a couple movies this evening.

The Virgin Suicides. Very good. Shouldn't have waited this long to see it.

A Fish Called Wanda. Also good. But very different from the first. It was an odd combination. But it was funny. Very entertaining.

Came home somewhat on time for curfew (only 20 minutes late). Mama's been annoying me about it since Friday when I got home at 4:20. She wasn't even in the house, but apparently my dad was up early for work. #$*&%$%!!!!!

So yes. Home on time tonight.

May as well make the most of it and catch a few zzz's.

One last thing: if you had a choice between a bachelorette party with alcohol and a male stripper or a 17th birthday party with ice cream, which would you pick??
Comments appreciated. Thanks!

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