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The day is fresh and I'm comin' home again

Hee hee!

Party = good.

Probably about 20 people showed up. Good.

And it was fun. We played volleyball and badminton. Watched 10 Things I Hate About You...because we watch it all the time and no one can ever object to it. It's too good.

Of course, there was a lot of eating of the $190 worth of food Allie and I shopped for (which was fun in and of itself).

Played Settlers of Catan and Egyptian Rat Screw.

When just about everyone left (at midnight for curfew), Allie, Charlie, Lindsay, Steph, JC and I played poker for 2 hours with candy as money. I think I did pretty well, and now I know how to play!

Everyone left at 2 and I stayed to help clean up a bit before coming home.

And now I'm happy and tired. I love being hostess.

Something I realized: in the past 3 days, I have seen my mother for less than 5 minutes. Whee!

I think she's home now. My cousin Annette may also be in this house even as we speak. Hmmm...

I might also get to go shopping tomorrow! Whee!!! New clothes!!!

Oh, and note to self. Buy this shit:
- shampoo (dumbass, you've been out for three days. Thank god for the random bottles lying around...)
- Bath and Body Works Body Cream (Like lotion...but better)
- Shit, there was other stuff! Dammit Gail, you should've been making a list.

Me: Weh?
LJ: [blinks]
My Journal: !!! [evilly]
My Journal: Huh?
LJ: ??? [blinks]
Me: [is on crack]
LJ: Oooohhhhh. [nods]

So yeah. I think I need sleep. I haven't gotten so much lately.

And I think I have a brunch in the my house. Meh?

Okay. Yes. Going. Done now. Yep. Night!

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