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So Justin's picture from InStyle is floating around everywhere, and um....oh..my..god....yes. I really, really like that picture. So many naughty infant thoughts. I think I need some Juppy slash after this. Wow.

Saw American Outlaws this evening (after a phenomenal sandwich at Potbelly. It's a really good sandwich place, mostly in and around Chicago, but they are soon expanding to DC.) Anyway, the movie. Not bad. Actually pretty good. Main character, Jesse James: thing Scott Stapes (from Creed), but hotter. Honest to god. Holy shit this guy was hot....gonna try to find a pic to link him to. It's worth the matinee price of a ticket definitely.
Side view of hottie:

And another (him with pretty girl):

Lots of pretty boys, on pretty horses, with pretty cowboy hats...and guns. Hee hee, so great.

After the movie, I came home. Mommy made comment before I left cus I said I'd be home before 9 (I was going with friends who don't usually go back to someone's house after 8). I got home to an empty house (yippy), but within 15 minutes parents were home. Mother was shocked. I said I'd be home before 9, and I was. Go figure. I don't know what makes her doubt me so. I don't usually lie to her. If I'm going to be out late, I tell her, "I won't be home until late." No trust at all, and so uncalled for. I'm such a trusting kid. Geez.

Have more journal reading to do...I shall return later.

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