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Meh. It's been a long night. Fun, but long.

Allie's was completely a girls' night out. It was her, me, Nikki, Carly, and Zoe. We made a spaghetti dinner and watched Pretty Woman. So great. There were lots of laughs.

But now I'm frickin' tired.

And I have school from 10 to 11 tomorrow, I'll be getting up about 9:15. Then JC's party is from 1 until 4, open house. I'll probably be there the entire time. Might go get him a gift between 11 and 1. I mean, how many times does one graduate high school?

A great big *HUG* and I'm sorry to Betsy. I've been so busy today, I never had a moment to call you. I hope your birthday was fabulous though!

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