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Now I can't believe it took so long to leave

It's bad when you forget that you haven't updated yet.

Okay, that didn't make any sense. Whatever. I'm out of my bird today.

French final at 2:20. I should be studying. I'm not yet. (and I say "yet", though I might never actually get to studying. meh)

But tonight is Pink! And I'm really trying to be excited. But meh. I'm so not in a mood for anything today. Well, sleeping. Definitely sleeping.

I fear the mood shit is my fault. Damn masochistic personality disorders. But I've said it before. I'm just fucked up.

And on that lively note, I think I should go nap or something.

[Edit: I love this Pink icons because it doubles as "yay I have the concert tonight" and "boo, I'm in a bitchy mood".]

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