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There goes my hero, watch him as he goes

Three conversations I was having simultaniously:

Cici -

honeygailmarie: Do you thang thang thang, do your thang thang thang
Cicigreen: I'm all about the thug appeal...
honeygailmarie: That ghetto flava they're working
Cicigreen: They are all a bunch of gangstas
Cicigreen: or wish they were at least
honeygailmarie: Especially Justin...when he's with his boyfriend
Cicigreen: which one?
honeygailmarie: Nelly
honeygailmarie: I should have said boy crush, but I didn't
Cicigreen: That's OK, Justin makes the rounds, if he were a little more chaste, we wouldn't need clarification.
honeygailmarie: True. He's such a slut
Cicigreen: They all are, and that is half the reason we love them so much.

Candace -

dice6385: who needs calculus anyway?
honeygailmarie: No one. Trust me
dice6385: oh i believe you
honeygailmarie: You should
dice6385: who could not believe you? you know all
honeygailmarie: I'm like Clarissa

Lindsay -

MichGirl44: you're a pack rat just like me
honeygailmarie: Sorry, I'll try to control my dry humor.
honeygailmarie: Pack rat indeed, I just never bother to throw things out
MichGirl44: throwing things out is bad for the environment
MichGirl44: maybe another reason i keep junk
honeygailmarie: Exactly! Ooo...that's an excuse I've never used before. i'll tell my parents that one
MichGirl44: hehe
MichGirl44: it's totally a legitimate reason too

Clarissa Explains it All, NSYNC sluts, and the environment. I'm so talented.

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