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Mama gets off work at 3 on Fridays

She calls at 2:45, asks about Indy. What time we got home, what time I woke up this morning. Small talk that I'm sure she really doesn't care to know about. I was going to lie, but decided it wasn't worth it, "Um, around 11:30". An almost inaudible *tsk* was heard at the other end. In the words of JC during "Tell Me, Tell Me...Baby", "F*** You!" She mentions that she'll be getting off work and 3 and wants to know if there are construction trucks in front of the house. [*light bulb* so that's why she called!] I say no, though I'm not entirely sure cus I'm still down in my room. (Luckily, I was right. Yea me.)

She says she'll be home about 3:20. Shit i hang up with her and dash upstairs. Quickly tell Zoe that she's having lunch. She requests soup, which is what I was going to convince her to have anyway. There was left over in the fridge so it would only take 3 minutes to heat up, instead of the regular 7 it making on the stove. While it's circling the microwave, I run downstairs and get clothes for my shower. I chug 3/4 of a Carmel Starbuck's Frappuccino. I serve child her soup and run to the bathroom. Jump in the shower, get out, brush teeth. Rip brush through wet hair. Ouch, but it's faster than being gentle. 3:10 - damn. I never have had the knack to be quick in the bathroom. Come out and run down the hall. Tell Zoe she's done with lunch and we are going outside. Fly downstairs to put away pajamas and grab notebook so I can write down my entry (which has been running though my head through the course of events).

Come upstairs, and clean up Zoe's lunch mess. Tell her to find shoes while I rinse out bowl, and turn off TV and movie she was watching. Shoo her outside and she plays while I sit on a bench and write down my entry. Mom comes home. Makes critical remark about her not being able to stay outside with Zoe because she has to clean, implying that I don't do anything around the house. *Fa?* [sidenote (this part not in notebook): Fa? I have just decided is a questioning WTF kind of reaction, where you just can't get words out and just end up with a "Fa?]

Zoe decides she wants to go inside with Grandma. I tell her "no" that we have to stay outside. While I'm explaining this, she walks past me, to the back door, and with a stupid grin on her face, opens it and goes inside. Oh yeah, she listens to me real well. I follow inside, a few steps behind, and she already has her Scooby-Doo movie back on and is eating cookies that I said she couldn't have. Grandma comes from down the hall and says we either have to go outside or downstairs because she doesn't want us in the way while she cleans house. I tell Zoe we have to go outside and she says that she's going downstairs. Here I am, trying to put up a good front and Zoe is being herself. She would rather play video games than play outside. Mom things it's my fault we don't go outside enough, but Zoe just doesn't want to. I give her the option of playing outside almost everyday (with exception the days that we have excess heat warning where about 10 people day everyday from heat exhaustion. Those, of course are the days she wants to be outside. Kids are a bugger sometimes.) If I push the idea enough, she will come outside, but I hate to bride or threaten her to go out. Makes me feel like a horrible babysitter. So here we are, sitting in the basement. She's playing Super Mario 64 and I'm writing my entry in a notebook. My mother is probably extremely disappointed with me. She's always so critical. Hate that about her.

We are going shopping Sunday with my Aunt Judy, and cousin Stephanie (qui a 17 ans). Back-to-school clothes and such. Hopefully she'll be generous and buy me a lot. Still haven't seen any money from my Grandma's estate. At this point I'm not expecting to, either. Fuck it. Okay, going in room to transcribe this to LJ. I'm sure I'll add more after.

...And of course I am. Zoe just turned off the video game to watch Clifford, the Big Red Dog. She randomly just walked in here, and gave me a hug. For whatever reason, it made me cry. *exhale* Geez.

Can't think of much more to write now. I'll be back later, I'm sure of it.

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