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Now you're here, now you're away

Hee hee.

I'm a dork.

I love the fact that the new Anti-Virus stuff I installed checks all my incoming and outgoing email. It makes me feel safe for whatever reason, and this is so bad. This is so Tortilla Curtain. Let's just block out all the troubles in life!! Shelter ourselves!


And I'm having a semi-huge conflict with my mother.

This weekend, she is going with my aunt Judy and cousin Annette to take my cousin Stephanie to her freshman orientation at Western Illinois University.

The bad part comes in the fact that 1) I have school from 10-11 that day and she says that I said it ended at 9, and she wanted to leave by 9:30. Uh, nope. You are the wrong one here. It NEVER ends at nine. It ALWAYS is from 10-11. 2) It's JC's graduation party that day.

I sent a nice email asking if it would be possible to not go.

She sent one back that was not to my liking.

I sent her a bitchy one saying that it was up to her, but if it was my choice I'd stay home.

And she just sent a response: "Why does stuff always have to fall on the same days!!! I don't know what to do. I'm not sure if I'll email Judy and see what she thinks.... I'll think about it for a while."

Yeah, you go think about it. Bah on mommy.

I'm thinking I will be dragged against my will, 4 hours south and west of here. Bah!!!

*crosses fingers* I really hope I can stay home.

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