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You're getting closer to pushing me off life's little edge

I love this song!! I know I've said it before...a lot. But it's so good.

And where the hell did 3 Doors Down go, anyhow?? Yeah, "Kryptonite" and "Be Like That" were both pretty big hits, but still! Release another song!!!

Actually, now that I'm saying that, I think they did release something new. Hmm...

Either way, it hasn't been played nearly enough!!

And I should REALLY be preparing for my history final. It's an essay, so I can't really go in and guess. I need facts.

I'm boooooooored.

Oh, and me, being the smarty that I am, realized that the new computer has Norton Anti-Virus and Internet Security programs. So I took the disk and loaded it on to my computer (the sick one). I hope it works. It's currently scanning the hard disks for viruses.

And now I'm just wasting I shall go and attempt to study. Bah.

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