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At seventeen had a different dream, now I'm thirty-three and it isn't me.

Would you look at that? I'm actually home around the time curfew would be!! And I was home 10 minutes ago, so really, I was only 15 minutes past. I'm amazing. [Edit: Scratch's Sunday. I'm an hour and 15 minutes late. Damn.]

Watched some movies tonight with Lewis. Cruel Intentions (Ryan is hot, Reese is adorable, and Sarah Michelle's a bitch...can't get much better) and Can't Hardly Wait. I love Ethan Embry dearly but we decided he's better in supporting, non romantic-lead roles. For example, Empire Records and That Thing You Do.

And now I'm home. My final is in 12 hours, so I should really prepare, then sleep.

But I'll probably slack off and post more before the end of the evening.

Alanis honor of Lauren's concert-going evening. I'm jealous a lot.

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