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Eck! I only got to ?skip=45 on my friend's page before Journal went screwy again. Fuuuuuck.

And I wasn't on practically at all yesterday. And I've been completely slacking on the friend's list love. [loves friends] :)

And now I'm typing in Word because I'm too obsessed with dee da dee da...

Now for the fun life!!!

Don't all get excited at once now. Ha.

Well, my burn is healing. I can finally wear a normal stingy tank top (the ones I love and have about 5 of from Express), and low-cut shirts. Something I realized: I have very few articles of summer clothing that are not a) low-cut or b) a tank top. I guess I'm just a little slut like that. ;)

Yesterday was Stephanie and Adam's Graduation Party. I slept for three hours after my last entry, and went immediately there, so I haven't had much Journal time this weekend. The party was pretty fun, though. I just hung out with my siblings the entire time, so it was good. I left a bit early (around 10), after they had started to sing karaoke. My family doesn't really key?? But it was funny because most of them were drunk.

When I got home, I joined up with some people at Bridgette's. We watched Star Wars. It was the first time I had seen it...or any in the trilogy or hexilogy? Whatever. It was the first of the 5 that I've seen.

Some people went home around 1:30, but Bridgette, Lewis and I stayed to watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Talk about a quality movie.

We left around 3:15, so I just came home and crashed. Slept until about noon today. Yum.

Now, I'm ravenously hungry (I haven't eaten anything yet today). I might go up to Cici's to hang out. I need to study for my History final anyway, so might as well have a change of scene. And I'm hoping to maybe go out later? My final tomorrow is at 10:20, so if I'm in bed by 1, everything will be good.

Oh, and of course:
Harry Potter is my perfekt guy....

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