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I have decided that Incubus is a great band. Extremely talented, with a distinctive sound, but without all their songs sounding the same. They also aren't overly commercialized.

I may have a new favorite.*

*And by "favorite" I mean that it's on my top ten and will probably stay there for a while. I may start listening to them excessively, but they will never truly beat out Matchbox Twenty as my favorite. I love Rob Thomas too much to knock him down to second. :)

Oh yes. And I'm up. Breakfast was fun. Allie and I went to Walker Bros. Yum!

And I just ran to the mall to get a gift card at Abercrombie for my mom to give my cousin's girlfriend as a graduation present.

And I've been up far too long for a Saturday.

Especially after less than 6 hours of sleep.

So I'm napping now.

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