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Turn around and say good morning to the night.


Tomorrow is the last day of school!!

8th tomorrow, my Calculus class is taking a field trip to Starbucks (how suburban?). Then 9th, a bunch of my friends either have free or are ditching their classes and we are all going out for ice cream! Yay!!

And today, we watched part of The Graduate in history. I love studying the 60's.

And my English final is turned it. Eek. No comment, but it's done at least.

My homework for tonight is an English course evaluation and to study for the French speaking/listening/reading final that is tomorrow. Talk about sucky. The writing Final is next week during the actual Finals Week.

Went to get the "Ask Me About STUNTS" shirts with Nikki, Carly and Katie. Zoe and Candace came with, though they are not on the Board. Will be wearing that tomorrow.

Must remember to bring camera.


I'm fwee!!!!

...and really tired. I might be taking a nap soon. Very soon.

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