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She's come undone, she didn't know what she was headed for

Brain = dead.

Gail = tired.

Paper = finished?

Editing = tomorrow.

An interesting side note. I only have two days of school left. I feel like I still have a month. I'm still busy in all my classes, and not like "quick, let's wrap it up before the year ends" but like "ooo...two days gives us plenty of time to start a new lesson! Who wants to learn about Vietnam??"

I honestly haven't come to grips with the fact that I'm almost done for the summer.

At all.

I'm still in school mode. Maybe Friday. When it's all over. I might almost start to feel like perhaps summer is coming sometimes in the near future. Maybe.


And as another smaller side note: I took out all the crack-induced humor in my English paper. The "like cats to cream" Ragtime reference. The bash at communism. There was something else too...I forget. I figured he's appreciate it more if it stayed on topic. Though all my writing is tangential.

Ever notice? [/sarcasm]

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