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By popular demand.....okay, by Cici's request

This is the letter I submitted to the guys at the sound check party. It's rather dull, sucks a lot, but oh well. It was late when I wrote it, and they won't read it anyway.

With no further adeu...the letter:

Thur, Aug 16, 2001
1:54 am
Dear guys

I'm not really sure how to address thisboys, men, guys, NSYNC, puppiesI settled for "guys". I'm also not sure why I'm writing this. I guess it's because I can. But then again, I'm sure you get a lot of letters starting with "I dont know why I'm writing you now" and I strive to be an individual.

First off, I guess I'd like to say that I enjoy you. Plain and simple. Well, not so plain. You arent my favorite band (can you even be considered a band?), sorry. Your music is okay. I'm not a huge pop fan. Hell, I just finished watching the Director and Cast commentary version of Dogma. How many teenies appreciate Dogma and the works of Kevin Smith enough to buy the Special Edition DVD of it, and actually watch the commentary, and not just the outtake. They wouldn't know quality shit if it bit them in the ass. Oh well, they will grow up (I hope).

Hmmm, starting to bash the teenies (and you guys, sorry, no offence meant whatsoever). And though I've just stated that I don't really like pop music, and you guys aren't a band (though you do rank in my top 10 bands), you may be wondering why the hell I spend money on your concerts, and take time to write you a letter. Basically, I love you guys as people. Your personalities are fantastic, and you seem like just a regular group of down-to-earth guys that would pick playing video games over going to fancy restaurants with snooty waiters. To hell with that, bring on the Playstation. (I myself am more a Nintendo girlSuper Smash Brothers all the way!) Why I'm telling you this, I don't know. I tend to get off on tangents, and I apologize right now.

Personality, rightso it all started for me when I saw NSYNCs Greatest MTV Moments. (Yes, I didn't become a fan until well after the NSA album was out.) For the first two hours, my sister and I spent laughing (both at and with) you and basically making fun of you. The next time I saw it (because MTV tends to overplay and overrun things like that), I started to gain an interest on how you superstars could be so normal. It was amazing to me, and people like that are always more attractive (I can't think of a better word than that, not physically, but it draws you in). You wear tee-shirts that say "boy bands suck" or hats advertising "NSUCK". You can make fun of yourself, and that is awesome. Pure gold. Make you more real. This probably explains my love of Kevin Smith films (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and the soon to be released in theatres Jay and Silent Bob Strike Backif you havent seen them, watch them, youd probably like them a lot).

Again, tangent. So I guess that's just where I stand. I like you for who you are (or at least seem. God, I hope you aren't jerksI swear, I would kick myself for ever liking you if you turned out to be real assholes.) I guess the personality thing sort of sucked me in though, cus I found myself taping your appearance on the View (it was funnyand dost my ears deceive me, or did Lance say something about dating Joey, but they broke up? Guess I'll never know, but I figured I'd put that out there.) Also, The Road to Celebrity on MTV was funny and highly entertaining for the whole two hours.

Why I decided to see you in concert for the *cough* fourth time, is really beyond me. I guess I come with my sister, who is a slightly bigger fan than I am. I'm driving 4 hours to Indianapolis because we got sound check party pass things. Why is this so cool? Because I can see you guys being you. Normality is ten-times better than anything else.

I think another reason I like you is thanks to all those obsessive over-25 fans out there. The ones who aren't teenies and write fiction (slash) about you that makes me laugh, and sometime makes me wish JC and Lance really were a couple because they were always the sweetest pairing. Ah yes, slash. It's so cheesy, and feels cheap, but sometimes it can totally brighten up a sucky day when Chris finally decides that hes not too old, and Justin's not to young, and he feels hes falling in love.

Wow, another tangent I was hoping not to even touch on. I find it hard to explain the slash craze to anyone but those that are already fans. It's like cheesy grocery store romance novels. I don't understand what people see in them, but then again, I've never read one.

So this is my letter. You are fun people. Keep that up. If you weren't famous, maybe you'd be the biggest losers on the block. Maybe you really are, but the fame hides that. Basically, I think I'd like you either way. The overexposure just makes it easier for me to see that. I guess it's the message that was put out in Celebrity (both the song and an album as a whole). So the answer, boys: yes.

Yours truly,
Love always,
and Goodnight,

(I'm from a suburb of Chicago, Deerfield, if you care)

PS I'm usually a lot more entertaining and quarky. This was a rather dull letter, and I apologize. I guess it just seemed right. Oh yeah, and JC is the most beautiful, pretty man ever. And, I like the hair long, but get rid of the tight curls. Its way too early nineties. Reminds me of the movie Coming to America with Eddie Murphy, and the one guy played by Eriq LaSalle sells that perm grease stuff. It's no good. (Yet another fantastic and unnecessary tangent. At least it's the last. Farewell, gentlemen. I hope you all have incredible lives and have fun living them out to the fullest. :o)

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