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It's just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head

Extraordinary randomness:

First, "I act like I'm 20." Take the age test thing here. Originally I got 15, but then I went back and changed some of the answers I was on the fence on, and wound up twenty. Eh, average the two and you're perfect. That has to count for something.


Which *NSYNCer are you?

I didn't rig this one, though I wasn't going to post it if I didn't get Justin. The reason I'm posting is that I've seen a lot of people get Justin and not a one of you has mentioned his hair! I mean, look at that picture! What the hell??

Although the more I look at it, themoreIwanttorunmyhandsthroughthosecurlsandtwisttheminmyfingers. *ahem* Yes. I have a slight hair fetish. Bite me, alright?

prettiest boy in the whole wide world!! Eee! Made by halo and violet! So much pretty!

Four, I really like Nirvana.

Finally, before my shower, Gail the Exhibitionist, Part Three:
Yet another continuation of the stuff in my head debating the truth behind accusations that I am, in fact, and exhibitionist. I'm going to say no. There's a lot of stuff that my friends don't know about me...obviously. But what I'm sort of getting at is the basics. I doubt most of my friends could tell you how many siblings I have. And if they could, very few could give names or semi-accurate ages. Granted it's big and fairly complex, my family situation is something that not many people know about.

Just a thought. Now shower, lotion-a-fy the burn, work a bit on English, and bed. Or just shower, lotion and bed. Whatever.

Edit: Have you ever been too tired to move. Too tired to shower, too tired to crawl into bed that is literally 3 feet away? No? Oh, okay...

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