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I'm bored, and too angry to go to bed. Thus, I spam. Feel free to ignore, but you never know. You may learn something...

i think - too much. Ignorance is bliss.
i find - that I have been very bitchy very often lately.
i want - money.
i have - a pretty kitty sleeping on my bed.
i wish - I didn't have school anymore.
i hate - that all these "I"s aren't capitalized. Grrrr....
i miss - some people.
i feel - annoyed, sad, lonely, bored, tired, awake, contradictory.
i hear - The Doors on my mp3 play, my computer humming, air coming through vents.
i smell - Country Apple Body Cream from Bath and Body Works (my anti-burn treatment)
i crave - now that you mention it, I'm in the mood for some really good pizza. Chicago-style deep dish. Yum...
i search - high and low and still have found no answers.
i wonder - if things happen for a reason, or if it's just chance.
i regret - not taking piano lessons, never going to camp, not taking Theatre 1,2 my Freshman year.
i love - my family, most of my friends, my cat.
i ache - due to sunburn and excessive kickball playing. Also because of illness and headache.
i long - to be on a beach, relaxing, listening to the waves crash upon the sand and the seagulls flying over head. And there will be a very hot cabana boy rubbing sunscreen on me so that I don't burn worse than I already have. And I'll have a fun drink on a little table next to me, with a mini umbrella. And I'll have my cell phone, but I'll check the caller ID before answering so that I only talk to the people I want to, and ignore the others. And I will be happy by myself.
i care - too much about trivial matters.
i always - make a bigger deal out of things than I should.
i am not - always right.
i believe - in myself (most of the time)
i dance - when I'm alone, or around people I feel very comfortable with.
i sing - everyday. ;)
i cry - far too often.
i do not always - tell the truth.
i succeed - when I put my mind to it.
i fail - when I don't. Or when I have too much else to deal with.
i fight - very rarely, but when I do, it gets ugly. I have a horrible temper.
i write - when I get an idea (a couple times a month?), and everyday in Journal.
i win - because I hate to lose.
i lose - when I'm not in the mood to play the game.
i never - ... I don't think I can answer this. There are always things that I do, or say, in which case there would never be a time that I never do something. Get it?
i confuse - many people. Sometimes myself.
i listen - when I'm spoken to. I care what other people have to say.
i can usually be found - At school, in my room, or by calling my cell phone.
i am - me.
i am scared - of falling from heights, drowning in water, spiders, snakes, other creepy crawlies, sometimes the dark, rapists and murderers, being lost.
i am happy about - summer coming soon.
i hope - I never forget who I am.
i expect - far too much.
i need - reassurance, love, respect.
i should - go to sleep.

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