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Do you have to let it linger?

It's 11:16. Do you know where your parents are?

I don't. I'm assuming they maybe got dinner after Steph's graduation. Then maybe went back to Judy's to hang out?


If my family weren't so cursed with horrible luck, I don't think I'd be this paranoid. But Mama usually goes to bed by 9.

Even when they "go out" (which isn't often), they are home by now.

And they both have work in the morning.

And I haven't heard from them at all. No phone calls or anything.

I mean, I guess this isn't overly unusual. I mean, we all have cell phones if we ever need to use them, but rarely do we take advantage of this convenience to perhaps, dial home every once in a while?

But still. Where are my Mommy and Daddy?

[Edit (11:44PM): They are home now.]

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