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Slammed the door and said I'm sorry I had a bad day again

Graduation was fun. Long. 332 people, or something like that.

We sang. It was okay. Nothing stellar, but the acoustics at Ravinia are fairly good, so we probably sounded better from the audience than the stage.

Allie and I were on some major crack. We sang songs from the past 6 years of musicals. Annie, Once Upon a Mattress, Oliver, Mame and Pippin. We skipped Sound of Music.

But yes. Major crack.

And to top that off, a big group of us went to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. We needed more sugar...I swear. *nods*

Tomorrow is Fall Play auditions. I'm a bit nervous. Notice, I haven't discussed them at all. Yes. Nervous. *sigh*

Cast list is going to be posted Friday night, along with the STUNTS Board for 2002.

So many nerves.

I should stop thinking about it.

I should do homework.

Damn, what a concept. I haven't really done homework in forever.

Fuck, it's after 8 already? Hmm...maybe I'll so an abbreviated homework session.

[I was sad today. On the verge of tears for about an hour. My parents are at my cousin Stephanie's graduation. I think this may have something to do with it. Actually...I know it does. *sigh*]

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