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Waiting, watching the clock is 4 o'clock it's got to stop

Now for my real and unsubstantial post.

I have a large amount of meat in my refrigerator.

And a big box of Boca Burgers in the freezer.

And the back seat of my car is strewn with a bunch of bags of chips, buns, bottles of condiments and a blanket to cover.

And I have 4 large bags of charcoal as well as napkins and lighter fluid in my trunk.

And we were at Sam's Club. Hahaha.

But yes. That's all for the Crew Kickball thing on Saturday. I had to shower after hauling the 48 beef patties from my car to the basement. I like to eat meat, but transporting it makes me squeamish. Eh, I needed to shower tonight anyway, it was just earlier than I had planned.

I suppose I should start my homework before I decide to crash for the evening.

Graduation is tomorrow! I wish it were me! le sigh.

EHHHHHH! I love this song!!! "A Plain Morning" by Dashboard Confessional. Just...guh.

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