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Well I don't got no reasons, so there it is and there is was, now it was clear to all of us


Eminem scares me. Like, I'm afraid of him. There are very few people that I actually "fear", as in, fear for my life when I see them/encounter them. This kid Nathanial is another one in which I actually become afraid when I see him. It's strange.

These two girls were singing "Why Georgia" (the John Mayer song), in the hall today. I was amused.

I think I get the Harry Potter DVD today. [Edit: Cici said no Harry Potter. Damn. I'm bummed.]

Ben Affleck is hot.

I was quoting Empire Records like crazy today.
"Joe! I am bringing Rex his lunch!"
"I don't feel I need to explain my art to you, Warren."
"What's with today today?"

I've been in a very Metalica mood lately. Especially "Nothing Else Matters" and "Unforgiven" which I recently I found out that I can name either in less than three cords when it's on the radio. Woo!

I think I'm going to go do my English reading outside. I hope I don't lock myself out. Don't's been done before. And people think I'm smart. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!


There was more. I'll edit and add as I remember.

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