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Today is the greatest day I've ever known

How perfect that the Smashing Pumpkins serenade me right now.

Today has been excellent.

STUNTS Board applications were due. Friday I will know if I made it, and what position I am.

Also, I didn't remember until this morning that I was called out from 4-6 for a field trip to practice graduation. Chorale sings a few songs during the ceremony. Nothing to expedite your day like an unexpected field trip leaving me with 4 of 7 classes.

And, I went in to talk to my counselor and I asked about taking Multi-variable and dropping English to level two, and she said that it would probably work. WHEEE!!! My schedule might actually work!

Plus, I got my ACT scores in the mail. 28. To be honest, I was hoping for something in the low 30s, and I could retake them in June. (As far as subsections go, I got a 31 in Math. They keep telling me I'm good at it. I swear, I'm not really.) But seriously? Most schools don't need anything higher than that. So yay!!

And at 6 I get to go buy food and stuff for our annual Crew Kickball Day, which is Saturday.

And it's 74 degrees out!

On a more sour note, I have an entire English essay to write this weekend, 5 French journal entries to do by Friday, and a history project due next Tuesday. I have a History essay test Friday, and I'm actually still behind on the English reading, because I was supposed to read up to chapter 5 last night, not 2.

But I returned the movies this morning without a late fee, and made it to school in plenty of time!

And schedule works! and 28! and yay!!

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