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Hectic afternoon....

Wow, I haven't stopped running around since about 1, but now is my LJ break time.

First, I did dishes. Ew, yuck, gross, bain of my existence. Yes, I live in the dark ages, we don't have a dishwasher. After that, I tried on the bridesmaid dress with the shoes. I need the skirt shortened about 2 inched. The shoes are okay, except that they are kinda narrow and I think my pinky toe is going to fall off after wearing those for an hour. Then I took my shower.

I now sit, in pajama's because I have no clean clothes. I would be doing laundry, except that my sister Emily came over to do laundry, so I can't. I don't actually have to be dressed until about 6:30 anyway, so I have some time.

I was going to take Zoe to a park. (Another way to please mommy, dishes being clean will make her happy too. I figure, she's mad about Cici and I going to Indiana, so I might as well do what she wants.) However, it is now raining in Deerfield, so a park is out of the question. (Actually, I gave up the idea of a park when I realized I had no clean clothes, the idea of "outside time" was lost with the drizzle.)

So now I'm going to try to burn more CDs. Candace, being the lovely person she is, reminded me that Jenny is leaving for Miami on Saturday and not coming home until either Thanksgiving or Christmas (I'm not sure which. I think it's Christmas). I really have to get her 12 done. And since I'll be in the car all day tomorrow, I better start today and hopefully finish on Friday.

Must start that now. But that means *gasp* I can't use the computer! Oh well, I have a bunch of new DVDs I haven't watched. I think I'll start with the Director commentary version of Dogma, then move on to Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, followed by The Best of Friends: The Top 10 Episodes Ever. Hopefully somewhere in there, I will find time to start laundry. Gah, this is a busy day.

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