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They were looking for me when I came through

So. Much. Tiredness.

Zoe's party was fun. I think I may have ruined a pair of jeans sliding through grass (and dirt/mud) playing Ultimate Frisbee. Then we went to Mulder's house.

Believe it or not, basically all we did was play chess. See, I'd never played before, but I knew the how pieces could move. So Charlie and I played, and Aaron and I played, and Lindsay and I played. Lindsay was the only one who was as clueless as I was, so our games were a little more fair.

The night could definitely have been more fun.

Especially considering my feeling towards a certain number of people who I spent an unfortunate amount of time with. Grr.

But the weekend is mine. All mine!

And so is my bed. Night!

Oh, and that whole friendsfriends page, and all the new LJ features are pretty damn spiffy.

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