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Trying to run, trying to hide, break on through to the other side

Tomorrow I can start parking at school!!!!!


Sleep until 8!!!! Come to school at 8:45!!!! Leave at 2:45!!!!!


Schedule might not be as "figured out" as I thought. But Amanda talked to Wathen (the math chairperson) and Liz and I said we were also having problems with the Stats class, as were others. Don't know if anything will come of it, but now more people know. People in important positions.

Coming home today, I mentioned I was bored, so Zoe and I decided to see a movie. Nothing good was playing, so we rented instead. Ocean's Eleven. Was there any doubt?

I also got Life as a House and Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her, both by recommendation of Zoe, and because I have wanted to see them anyway. Maybe I'll chill this weekend and watch them alone. Or invite people over or something.

Zoe's having a small shindig tomorrow at Sunset Park in Highland Park. Yay for park playing.

Rob's having a barbecue either Sunday or Monday. I forget.

No school Monday. Yay!

First part of the Calculus final didn't go too badly. I'll need to study more tonight though. No history homework, and a bit of English. French (as always) will be done in the morning.

Wonder what cicigreen is up to tonight...

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