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And although my eyes were open, they might just as well been closed

Gail: [is tired]
Gail: [has work to do]
Gail: [needs a shower]
Gail: Meh.

Choral Awards concert went well. So much Senior goodbye-age. Lots of tears and hugging and all that fun stuff.

Afterward, I hung out in the Auditorium with JC, Steph, Bridgette, Jenny and Eric. Then Eric so kindly mentioned: "You're the only one who has to be back here tomorrow."

Bleh. I want to graduate.

Maybe I'll put off History for the morning and just try to study Calculus. I have my final tomorrow. Very illegal. Very good though, because two weeks of doing jack would cause me to forget *everything*. And I'm already pretty shaky.

My kitty is in a shoe box that is much too small for her. She's so cute!

I should shower. Then study. Then bed.

Is it bad when days start to run together?

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