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What a piece of @#*(&

Okay, so I'm in the middle of my entry. I had already written a lot (basically my entire journal). And I usually write a lot. I try opening a picture, and it gives me this typical error that "Explorer had performed an illegal action" (whatever the hell that means). I think nothing of it and click "ok". My entry disappears. I usually use the @Home web browser, not Internet Explorer, but this time I decide to be retarded. So it shuts down Explorer and my entire entry is gone. (yes this makes me think of the song "Gone". No this does not make me happy - this is how pissed I am).

I think I said something about my failed attempts to insert pictures. I think it would have worked, but I was trying to upload them from my computer and not a website. This may have been my problem. When I figure out what the hell I'm doing, you'll get the pic of the Bass Ass, as well as some other great concert pics from 7/4 and maybe 8/16 if I get good ones on Thursday. Scanners are wonderful things. I think I need to buy one.

I also mentioned that my chica Candace will babysit for Zoe while my sister and I drive down to Indiana. It'll only be for about 6 hours and she gets my car, computer/internet usage, DVD player, telephone usage and the chance to play Mario Party 3 for the entire 6 hours. She's also getting paid, so she'd be stupid to refuse.

Can't think of anything else I may have said. If it's important, I'm sure I'll put in another entry.

[The worse thing about this is that it was my fault, I can't even blame LJ. I also apologize for using the word "retarded". I honestly find it more offensive that fuck and shit combined, I'm just *slightly* more than perturbed about this. *SARCASM HEAVILY COATING EVERY WORD*]

Oh right, last thing. I made a couple kick-ass icons, but I can't use them until I delete some of mine. I have to keep the Standard Seven. That is: one pic of each of the guys (5), one group shot, and one of JC and Lance. These are a must, but that leaves me the only options to delete: *NOOOO* My Robbie, Mark, and BBMak. I still pledge my undying love to Mark and BBMak. You are the best! and Matchbox Twenty will always be my all-time favorite band (and of course, My Robbie will always be *mine*) It's quite the crisis.

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