Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

Instead of seeing that the road has shoulder, man you're sinking over time

Boredness. Gacked from sg who gacked it from chased_amy

[kindergarten teacher's name] Mrs. Cimmirusti
[first grade teacher's name] Miss Lieb (she became Mrs. Bricker the year after I had her)
[second grade teacher's name] Mrs. Whitman (she retired after my year)
[third grade teacher's name] Mrs. Todd (also retired after my year. She was also out for about 3 weeks after foot surgery and we had a substitute Mrs. Samuels, who was the nicest woman ever and always let us play games and wore shimmery lipstick)
[fourth grade teacher's name] Ms. McMillan.
[fifth grade's teacher's name] Mrs. Jutzi (formerly Miss Bloom)
[sixth grade's teacher's name] I entered junior high, so I had a bunch. Ms. Sundt - Language Arts, Mr. McEssy - History, Mr. Hall - science, Mrs. Gustafson - Math, Mr. Hoy - Gym, Mrs. Hoffenburg - Music, Mr. Berzok - Art, Ms. Hansen - Computers
[last word spoken] "I'll decide if I'm going and tell you later" - to my dad when he asked if I was getting my hair done tomorrow
[last song sung] "Wheels of a Dream" from Ragtime. We are singing it in chorus.

[in cd player] Car: Sister Hazel - Fortress, Stereo: MB20 - Yourself or Someone Like You, NSYNC - Celebrity
[on feet] Gray striped socks and purple/green/blue/pink/yellow fuzzy slippers
[under bed] Empty boxes
[what time you got up] 7:17 am
[time it is now] 3:55 pm

[you want to go to] Sleep. Cici's. Target. The Bahamas. College.
[ideal job] Housewife. Actress. Director.
[probable job] High school English teacher.
[you want to live (place)] The greater Chicagoland area...oh wait...
[number of children you want] 3, give or take a child
[kind of car] I have or want? It's a teal 1994 Chevy Cavalier (used) but paid off as of the end of April.

[mood] Sick. Tired. Bored. Full (mmm...cheetos). Evasive.
[music] Hahaha. The Animaniacs - Wacco's America
[taste] Cheetos
[hair] Bun.
[attire] Blue jeans. Black tank top. Blue ribbed, snappy sweater
[annoyance] Stuff stuck in my teeth.
[smell] My room smell.
[longing] Sleep. Money. Happiness. (not necessarily in that order)
[desktop image] JC singing from the Celebrity Tour (the one liz_w made)
[fav. music artist] Currently: Dashboard Confessional, 3 Doors Down, Pearl Jam, Pink, Travis, Puddle of Mudd, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Train
[toenail color] Iceblue Pink.
[crush] Hahaha. We had this discussion on Saturday. I said Tedd.
[time-wasting wish] To waste more time
[hate] I don't really hate things. Too strong. I intensely dislike Caitlin though.

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