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Yes it's true that I believe, I'm weaker than I used to be

Ah! I've had such a great day.

God, I needed this.

School was fine. Whatever.

Theatre Night though. I left school at 5:05 from AWARE, and had to be back by 5:30. I was prompt as usual. As a theatre Senior teacher next year, I was one of the people to help set up. I helped to frame and wrap pictures as gifts for all the 28 Seniors graduating from the Theatre Program. Other people set up tables of food and decorating with balloons and fake plants.

I just have to say that I am so excited for next year's Company class. Just, my fellow seniors are just fabulous people and I love them all to death!

The actual ceremony was nice. Everyone is recognized by class and you receive a certificate thing to acknowledge your participation. Pretty standard. First Freshman, then Sophomores. Then they get to the Juniors and Carl tells us to stay standing in front after we accept our certificate. Just proves that he loves our class so much. Hee hee.

The Seniors each get a farewell legacy by either Carl, Eric or Tania. Some are funny, some are touching. The only one I fully cried at was Steph's though. I came close on a few others, but hers was the only one to have me in tears.

Then they announces the next year's season. The moment that everyone had been waiting for, and I was practically bouncing out of my seat.
Fall One-Act: one act plays on Youth.
Fall Play: Stephanie Hero (a fairy tale...hmm...quite different from the Heidi Chronicles)
STUNTS: Variety show. Theme to be chosen by the board (hmm...those applications should be coming out soon. Yay STUNTS board!)
Musical: Annie. Eep. I'm not overly excited and my Senior class will have done it in Junior High, either one. (I went to Caruso and did Annie in 6th grade. Shepard did it in 8th.)
Spring Play: Company written, taking place in our new Studio Theatre and the Auditorium simultaneously. There will be two audiences and at intermission, or throughout, the cast will be moving and the acts will be flopped. That doesn't make sense, but I understand it, and I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!! Eeee!

At the end, the future Senior teachers were recognized and we stood up to show that we set everything up. Yay us.

So basically, I'm EXTREMELY excited for next year. It's going to be amazing.

After, there was mingling for a while. Lots of it. Then, after 10, I went to Applebee's with Lewis, Steph, Mary, Elliott, Jenny and Bridgette. Yay for graduates coming home for summer.

I'm now completely done with the school year (in my mind), but unfortunately I still have a month left. It's an injustice, I tell you, but I'm so done. Seniors graduate in a couple weeks and they have about 3 days of school left.


I'm so happy.

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