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If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says, when she says she loves me

As I started to clear my bed of all the homework and school clutter. And I pushed aside the excess pillows and straightened the blankets. As I turned off the flashing Christmas light and prepared to shut the door, put out the lights and settle in for the night...

I realized that I napped earlier and am not all that tired yet.

I'm thinking that (crazy as it is) I'm going to read ahead in my English book. Tomorrow is going to be busy, so I want to make sure I have enough time for homework.

Agenda for tomorrow:
-Talk to Mrs. Kravets in the CCRC
-Finish French homework sometime before class
-Ask Allie if she (and the rest of her car) would want to stay Friday night at Fayanne's so they don't have to drive so early on Saturday.
-Come home during 9th to get my car
-Email Fayanne with what's going on for Friday
-Hopefully receive an email about her calling the woman in charge of summer camp to get me a job (I tried calling the Park District and they said all the positions were filled. Fayanne will hopefully be able to pull some strings.)
-Go back to school for AWARE
-Come home from AWARE (no later than 5:10) and change clothes to something a bit nicer for Theatre Night
-Get to school by 5:30 to help set up. Yay for being a Senior Teacher next year, we get to help set stuff up early.
-Theatre Night!!!
-Go out afterwards??? I hope so. People are always so finicky about it being a school night, but dammit! Live your lives!!

So yes. Busy day ahead. Need rest and no homework.

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