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Your fingers string me like a pearl

Another update whereas I am a completely selfish bitch.

Basically, I had a bad day. And now I will complain. So there.

First, I don't know why, but I was feeling kinda bleh as it was. I don't, never mind.

Topping my list of things I don't want to talk about:
Summer Job

Well, today during English I got a note saying that I need to come into the CCRC (College and Career Resource Center) to talk to Mrs. Kravets. This woman is like...the best college planner in the NATION. She's president of some association and is an expert. And sources say that the first time you meet her, she's a total bitch. I'm going to go see her in the morning. Probably wants me to set up an appointment with me and my parents. See, now I've been avoiding the college discussion like the plague. Bleh.

I'm a rather empathetic person, and my emotions can sometimes take direct effect from those around me. It didn't help that my English, History and Theatre teachers all seemed to be a bit eh today.

And I almost fell asleep in Calculus. Didn't talk to Gasper about Multi-variable, I just wasn't in the mood. I'll do it Thursday.

So now I'm home, crabby, and wanting a nap really REALLY bad. Sleep away my troubled mind? Sounds damn good.

I can't wait until summer. I can't wait until tomorrow. It will be better than today. It has to be.

Oh, and I have to call my sister Fayanne to ask if she'll be at her house on Friday, and if I can sleep there for the night. I suppose I should actually ask Mama if it would be okay if I went to that meet. Eh, whatever.

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