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Damn a girl can't ever hurt you enough

Just drained my cell phone battery after a 1 hour 48 minute and 44 second call with Allie.

It was fun.

Decided that this weekend I wouldn't go to Jamboree (no Dashboard Confessional or Strokes for me. I was looking forward to Billy Corgan's band too. Oh well.)

Instead, I'll probably go to Fayanne's house thing Friday night (assuming she'll be there), because the State Track meet is at Eastern's track in Charleston.

Then Saturday, I'll join Allie and Nikki and some other track people to watch the meet, and come back Saturday afternoon.

At 7pm on Saturday, we (a group of about 20) are meeting for dinner and glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf.

Then we will be sleeping over at Nikki's.

Sunday is Katie's bridal shower. I have to be there, cause, ya know, being a future sister-in-law, I'm one of the people throwing it. It's mostly Cici's project though. I've done jack.

Ah yes. Planning is good.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to Gasper about taking Multi-variable Calculus next year instead of AP Statistics. I really don't want to take Stats at all.

Wednesday is AWARE and Theatre Night. Yay! More on that later, I should really get to bed.

Sleeping at 9:30 what? Best laid plans...

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