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Today has been slow thus far (as most days are when you've only been up for an hour and a half and 45 minutes of that time was wasted showering and doing hair - which still looks like crap. Oh well). Anywho, once my mommy gets home with a car and my pay for babysitting this week, I'm taking my darling niece to the park. One park for a very short amount of time, then we are going where I want to go *evil laughter*. Basically I have a birthday party tonight and need to buy a present. I also had a party a couple weeks ago in which I didn't have time to buy a present. I must shop now for two gifts. After this (or before this, or in-amongst doing this) I will be visiting 3 of my friends at work [ha ha, they have real jobs]. I also have to buy more scrapbook and photo album pages, as I may have mentioned previously.

Well, mommy's going to be home soon, so I must go. Later!

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