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The painting's creating, and I'm just erasing the crystal clear canvas of my masterpiece

Okay, so you know how there was that little guy in the corner of the LiveJournal homepage that was speaking all the different languages and when you click him it gives you a list of possible languages?

Yeah, well me being the smart one I am, decide to click "French". The only thing that happened was that instead of saying "Hello, gailmarie!" it says "Bonjour, gailmarie!"

The little dude disappeared though, so I was glad that nothing else had changed because I wouldn't be able to change it back.

Now though, instead of saying "Calendar" it says "Calendrier".

Well, if it only changes one word every 3 days, I'll be in the clear for a while, but I'm scared that at some point it will just *BAM* all be in French.

Hey! I never said I was smart.

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