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I don't need you crowding up my space

Me: *is stupid*

For various reasons, don't worry.

First, I decided to have a little snack of leftover Chinese. But, if I just took a little, there wouldn't be enough to save. So it would get wasted. And all those starving children in...

So yeah. I just at A LOT of leftover Chinese instead of a little and now I'm about ready to explode.

I'm an idiot.

Second, I'm having severe issues deciding what to do with my Saturday.
Scenario 1:
-Leave Friday to go to my sister's school so that on Saturday morning I can see the State Track meet (aka, watch Erica win State in the 2 mile).
-Come home and have dinner with Nikki and a bunch of other non-prom going folks
-Go back to Nikki's, hang out and sleep over.

Scenario 2:
-Go to Q101's Jamboree with Peter, Zack and Caitlin.
-See the following bands:
Kid Rock
Zwan (Billy Corgan's band)
Tenacious D
Unwritten Law
Our Lady Peace
The Strokes
Trik Turner
*Dashboard Confessional!!!!!*
Local H
Armand Van Helden

So yeah, I'd like to go to that too. I have positives and negatives for both. And I have to keep in mind that I'm broke, any money will be coming from Mama, and that Katie's bridal shower is on Sunday.

Third, someone please kick my ass and tell me to get over my fucking phone anxiety and call to get a summer job.

Le sigh.

You are 40% evil! [?]

You're more good than evil, but not by much. You've drank straight from the carton of milk in the refrigerator, and maybe kicked the neighbor's cat, but you're still good. Kinda.


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