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Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance


Sometimes I wish my LJ friends were real. Well...obviously you are real, but real and closer than most of you are.

Small story: I open my email, and this is my thought transition. Nikki, grrr. Nikki, grrr. Nikki again, what the fuck, can't this girl learn how to use her email? Rachel, yay! Aww.

For the record, Nikki sent the same piece of mail 3 times, and it pertained to a party on the night of prom. (First thought - ah, so you can be all annoying and bitch out Carly while she's having a good time with JC. Nice. Second thought - I'm busy, leave me alone.)

I've been very bitchy to Nikki lately.
Edit: She hasn't noticed.

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