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Don't check the spelling on that, it's probably wrong.

So...Harry. Mr. Connick.

We were in the 2nd row. Now, not second row of seats, mind you, but on top of the orchestra pit in the 2nd row of set up chairs (which killed my back and tail bone after two hours, but sacrifices needed to be made).

So yeah. We were really fucking close.

I felt bad if I wasn't staring at him the entire time, in case he looked my way and I wasn't watching him.

He's not terribly attractive, but there are times that he was just absolutely beautiful and gah!! If his devious little smile doesn't make you want to jump him.

My character profile of Harry:
Smug prick but he's too damn sweet, sugar-coated and funny for anyone to not adore him. But he does seem like a bit of a bastard.

He was funny as hell though.

And the entire concert was very jazz, and very cool. I felt really fucking young to be at a Harry Connick Jr. concert. It's possible I was the youngest person in the ENTIRE theatre. And I'm not exaggerating.

This concert was different than any I have been to before. Now, I've covered pop, rock, and country. I've been in stadiums, ampitheatres, arenas, and small standing room only, general admission clubs. But I've never been to something like this. And I'd like to say that I prefer standing for two hours straight. God, my back is killing me, and my tail bone hurt so much.

It was cool though, and I'm glad we went.

Now, I'm tired and in desperate need of a shower.

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