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Is there something that you're trying to say?

First and foremost...

Happy Birthday, Kino!!!

Hope you have a fantastic day!!


AP Calculus exam. Well? It's over.

It wasn't too bad. I mean, it sucked, but wasn't horrible. It helps that most other people found it to be ungodly difficult. Also helps that it doesn't effect my grade in anyway. But I hope I get some college credit out of it. Especially for $78.


French test that I didn't study for?

Eh, bad. Made me realize a couple times that I really need to get a job this summer. Money's getting tight. Quickly. But besides the point...

I also found a bunny hopping around the test, just waiting to be written down. So I've been in a writing mood lately, and I have an idea. Good.


Tonight at 5-ish, I'm going to school for an AWARE meeting. From 5 until 7, we are having dinner and meeting with Haggai (still don't know his last name, but at least I have a first). Then at 7, he will be doing his presentation and telling his story in the Auditorium.

I'm hoping everything goes well.


Cici, regarding the job thing.

I got your e-mail and will need to think about it. It shouldn't be a problem, but I'll get back to you.


Now I have a half an hour to:
A) get bunny down on paper
B) write English essay
C) eat Cheetoes
D) options A and C

Hee hee....

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