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Your taste still lingers on my lips and like I just placed my upon yours and I starve

It's nice to not be in school today.

It's not nice knowing I will have to study a great deal today.


Okay, to start with, this is the icon it wouldn't let me upload yesterday. My other JoeC. Just. Eee! So precious!


This amused me:

You are the middle finger!
Ooo! The potty mouth, callous, rude with a tendency to swear quite a lot...hmm...though your intentions may be good, the results aren't always what you thought they would be... you also tend to be a tad immature.

Which finger are you?
Take the quiz to find out.

Hell, it made me laugh. :)


I was thinking, and I realized that my french class is going to be empty today. The number of people taking the AP Calculus exam: 10. Out of the thirty-ish people. I wish I could be No, I really don't.


My first post of the day is always chocked full of nuts. Just an observation.


I also love this Joey icon. (The one I'm using on the post). It's just. Yes.

Mmm...articulation. Shaddup, it's early.


I had taffy apple salad for breakfast. good. It's basically just apple and pineapple chunks in Cool Whip and pineapple juice. Oh, it also has peanuts, but I eat those first because I don't like them.


Because I'm being boring right now, I'll end with some quality squeeage opportunities. This site was posted earlier by starsprinkles with pictures she scanned from Smash Hits. Mmm...they were good. Lots of piles of puppies. Yay.

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