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Put your arms around me. What you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful


So I decided to put my entire playlist back on Winamp. All 882 songs. 57 hours, 44 minutes, 37 seconds of music. That's a lot.

Anyway, so it's shuffling though, and I realize that my primary taste in music has reverted to the norm. Or at least, what has I've liked for the longest, therefore normal...get it?

But yes. 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Goo Goo Dolls, Barenaked Ladies. I've realized that I'm enjoying a lot of Dashboard Confessional, so I may have to look into that CD.

Remembered why I love Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows so much.

This music is comfortable, if that makes any sense.


As another note, I have edited the first two essays (twice each). My personal essay still needs some work, though I think it has a bit more focus than before. My reactive essay was lengthened by a page, and I believe it much more solid than it was previously.

Still haven't started my formal argumentative essay. Bah.

I haven't studied for Calculus at all today, so I should probably do that for a while.

Because I haven't said it enough yet, thank god for AP study days! I definitely need tomorrow off.


Congratulations Becky!!

I hope today went well for you.


I'll probably be going to cicigreen's apartment later, to drop Zoe off. My parents, sister, niece and nephew are at my cousin's birthday party. Zoe should be coming home with Mama and Daddy, while Cici drops Mikey off at his dad's house. I'll bring Zo-bug back to her house so Cici can just go right home. So I'll probably have new icons later. Whee.

Besides, I've been stuck in this house (and mostly my small, messy, window-less room) working very hard for a very long time.

My mind is on the brink of collapse. It's like Jenga.

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