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Whew! Busy Morning

I just woke up a half hour ago, but I've already been busy putting replies into journals, checking ticketmaster for NSYNC tickets to the concert Thursday, and talking to my sister on the phone. I'm like a busy little bee.

But now I'm bored. I think I'm going to burn more CDs today. Maybe amongst the 35 I still have left for my friends, I'll make one for myself. What a concept. I've decided to suspend Candace and Nikki's because Jenny actually gave me CDs to use, so she gets top priority. Ha ha.

Currently I'm chillin' at home. I technically have quite a bit I could be doing but I'm a slack. School starts in a little over three weeks, so I'm reveling in the the "slackerness" as much as humanly possible. I hate school. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Except that I'll see a bunch of people again. Mostly I've been keeping in touch with my friends anyway, and then there are always "those" people that you really don't want to encounter again. Ewww, school.

I should go shower or something. Maybe I'll do some of the stuff I was planning on doing today. Right now I can't remember what that was, but when I remember, I'll let you know.

::My mini-Playlist::
*Girl Like That (acoustic) - Matchbox 20
*Irresistible - Jessica Simpson
*Ashes By Now - Lee Ann Womack

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