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And I kept on ignoring the ambivalence you felt, and in the meantime I lost myself

I like days like these. I feel all grow-ed up and stuff.

So I go home during 9th. Read a bit of my friend's page, before I hop in my car to go back to school to go to AWARE.

Yay for AWARE. I feel bad because it's only the second time I've gone, and I haven't been there for three weeks (due to Dance Show tech, then that stupid ACT testing stuff). But it's still cool.

Next Tuesday night we are having a guest speaker at the school. He's an 18 year old Israeli student who has chosen not to fight or serve in the Israeli Army. I don't know much about the issues going on between Israel and Palestine, but I know that there is a lot of local dissent about having this boy come speak.

At AWARE, they decided that (despite being in support of or against what he stands for) that gaining his perspective and hearing his story is still valuable. Coming from a highly Jewish community, many are against his actions. Within AWARE itself, there are people on both sides, though the important part that we are trying to stress is the story.

However, parents from the community have asked it there will be someone speaking for the other side, and if this is going to be a debate. Though not intended to be, we project that there will be people coming for the sole purpose of shooting this boy down. (and I really wish I remembered his name so I could stop calling him "boy")

Today's meeting was discussing what should be done to keep people civil and to avoid verbal attacks to this guy. It was really very interesting. We were also given an article from the LA Times called Israel's Jewish Critics Aren't 'Self-Hating', that I have yet to read, but it's talking about dissenters of the war being called "self-hating Jews", and begins with a comparison to the Vietnam protesters and followers of McCarthy in the 50's being "anti-American".

Unfortunately, I think Cici and I are seeing Harry Connick Jr the night of this. I would really want to go. Ci - the concert is Tuesday, right?
[EDIT: Nevermind. Harry is Wednesday the 8th. Yay, I can go!]

After AWARE, I went to Target to pick up some batteries for my calculator. Not good to have dead batteries for the AP exam. Eep!

Coming back from Target, since I pass two Starbucks', I decided to stop in one and get myself a Tazoberry. good. I don't get it though. I can eat a whole McFlurry (quickly) with no brain freeze. I barely get through 1/6th of this thing, and my head feels like it's going to explode, and my eyes are hurting like a bitch.

Either way, I feel all cool and special and stuff because I have a Starbucks cup. :p

Yes, I do know that I'm crazy.

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