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This is the only kind of love as I understand it that there really is


Wait, scratch that.

Fucking major blah!

This has been my day. Shitty.

It starts with me doing math homework during my free period before school. It sucked. I realized that I don't understand any of it and that the AP exam is a week from tomorrow. Shit shit shit.

Then I talk to Amanda. It seems the "quiz" we had scheduled for today somehow became a test. And I haven't been in class for the past two days. Major fuck.

Second period English. I love English. I did not want to be there. I was weepy. Very weepy today. I had to fight off tears about 4 times during that class alone. It sucked, because I'm supposed to like English. Bah.

Gym. The fucking pacer today, and since I wasn't in class for the past two days, I was not warned. Supposedly we are being graded by how well we do on these stupid fitness tests. Like 64 pacer laps equals an A. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I failed when I dropped out at 20. I fucking hate that.

Theatre. Carl was gone, and for whatever reason, that means that the class is allowed to be annoying, immature, and cruel. People were just being not nice. Hell, even I wasn't being my usual quiet self because Zach and I were talking all period (though never at really inappropriate times).

French. We had a quiz, on things that I hadn't been in class for for two days (hmm...seeing a trend?????) I honestly don't know how I did. Anywhere from failing to a B, I'm sure. Bah, it wasn't good. And I was fucking pissed at this point. Still a bit weepy, but more bite-your-head-off-ish.

Calculus. Matt and Liz, who were also not in class for the last two days, didn't take the test. I felt bad for not talking to him before hand, so I didn't say a word. He just handed out the tests and I took it. I sort of knew what I was doing, but I'm honestly not sure. I could have failed. I probably failed. I asked Amanda what she got on the last two problems (two that I didn't understand and that the class reviewed...wanna take a guess?...the past two days). She had something completely different from me. Those were worth 10 points each. I think the highest grade I could possibly get is a 40/60. Unless it was out of 80, in which case I might be able to get a 60. Either way, I'm in the C - D range.

According to Amanda, I'm too damn nice and should have told him I wasn't taking it. Allie mentioned something about honesty to which I responded "Yeah, but honesty isn't going to get me into college." Dammit.

Needless to say, I was not in a good mood, and Zoe and I took the 9th period bus home. So I'm here. And completely bitchy today.

And the AP exam is in a week. And I have 3 english essays to write this weekend. And I'm missing school next Monday for my AP Study Day. And half the day on Tuesday for the exam. And everything is throwing itself at me right now, and I'm completely screwed. Fuck it all.

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