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Paperbaaaack writtttter...

Blah. About half done with English. Then I'll write my History paper thing (It can't be over a page double spaces, so I'm not too worried about that).

Then there's math. Blah. The AP exam is in like...a week. I'm so screwed.

But I had my Panera dinner. Yum.

Oh, and at one point, I was given an oldlady name, but I don't remember it. Oh well. [EDIT: Nevermind. After some searching (because I'm procrastinating like it's my job), I have discovered that I was given the name "Dorothy". The proof is in the puddin'.]


Fun with old entries!

So I just now remembered that I forgot to burn a copy of Celebrity for Fayanne. She told me about five times yesterday while at Target that I had to do it when we got home. She even made me say that I would, so I wouldn't forget.

I forgot.

I'm also supposed to be burning Eric a copy of the second Alanis CD (Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie).

Still haven't done this, but was reminded this weekend that Fayanne still wants Celebrity. Whoops.

3-24-02 (earlier)
Note to self: Try to find the CD case that I lost because I'm a dumb-ass. It's not my big one with all 140 or whatever CDs. It's a small one. With about 30. The ones I brought to LA. My best ones. Bah! I swear, I would lose my head if it weren't screwed on tight. And I'm in such a Pink mood...dammit!

[EDIT: So, uh...I found it. Under a pair of flip-flops on my floor. Can I blame this on my mother?]

This one was just funny.

Okay, I should go now. I'm being too random.

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