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She climbed a mountain that was far too high,and when she found out she couldn't fly,it was too late

Whew. Did a lot this evening.

First there was the obligatory Thursday night Survivor and CSI at Cici's apartment. Very necessary.

Then, because CSI was a little intense tonight, there was the last hour of Ladybugs on TBS. Jonathan Brandis was a cutie. I miss SeaQuest.

Next, I came home and had that lovely little crack-filled argument with myself in journal. Ended up doing English homework, not finding my History book ( not good), then packing! What do you know? I'm packed more than 2 hours before I leave. It's amazing.

I've also added a bunch of new people to my friends list. Yay.

I'm too bouncy to sleep, but if I don't, tomorrow will be hell. Eh, it's only two classes (my good classes ;]) before my field trip. Yay for Cubs game!!!

Well, since this is most likely my last post until Sunday, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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