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Untitled - prepare yourself for some spam

The Adventures of Huckleberry Gail:

Gail: *stares at computer*
Homework: Do me! Do me!
Computer: *eats homework*
Homework: Meep!
Gail: ...
TV: Turn me on! I show pretty moving pictures!!
Gail: Mmmm...moving pictures...
Nail polish: Give yourself a manicure to match your toes! You want to look pretty for the wedding, right?
Gail: Oooo...pretty
Computer: *spits out homework*
Homework: Eww?
Gail: Eww...
Computer: *shrugs*
Gail: *thinks*
US History Book: *giggles* I'm still lost!!!
Gail: You suck! Where are you?
US History Book: Hee hee. I'm not telling!
Gail: Damn you!
Catcher In The Rye: *psst!*
Gail: What?
Catcher: You need to respond to me!
Gail: Okay. Then can I play on the computer?
Catcher: Yep!
Gail: Yay!
Catcher: Yay!
Computer: Yay!
TV: Boo!
Nail polish: Boo!
US History Book: *still missing* Hee hee!

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