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I've got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream

First: Watched West Wing tonight!!! Wheee!!!! It was interesting, and comparing the show to real life with commentaries by former White House employees and Presidents. There are some days that I really miss Clinton. *sniff*

Also saw that Survivor special thing. (Cici is obsessed) But that was kinda cool too.

Then, I start thinking about the next few days...

Friday, I got to school in the morning, then the Cubs game, and as soon as I get back, we leave for Indiana.

Which means I must pack tomorrow.

And I'm going to be gone all weekend, so homework should (theoretically) get done...tomorrow?

And I have testing until 2:30-ish.

And Survivor and CSI are on from 7-9.

So I have 4 and a half hours to pack and do all my homework tonight. Or I could just nap. Now THERE'S and idea for ya.

<-- *is a lazy slacker*

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