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Today was just a day fading into another, and that can't be what a life is for

*grumbles about being woken up*

Me: [sleeping]
Dad: Gail?
Me: asdlgk?
Dad: [extra nicely] Would you mind babysitting for Zoe so I can go shopping with mom?
Me: [inhales deeply...and dramatically] Yeah...sure...
Dad: Here's $20.
Me: [sleepily] Um-hum...okay...

Whee! Child is happy with McDonalds or Burger King, meaning I pocket the other $13-ish. And Mama gave me (on accident, I think) $25 for lunch today. Panera costs about $7.

My friends wonder where I get the money for all the DVDs and crap. It just sort of appears. *poof!* Money! Would you belive yesterday at this time I had 4 bucks?

*yawn* I hope it's not still raining out.

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